About Me

I spent my childhood in a small village in Ciwidey, a high mountainous area in south Bandung until I finished my junior high school. I moved to the city of Bandung to study in one of Government High School there. After spent 3 years in the high school, I got a placement in government medical school in Bandung and spent around 7 years at the med school. During my med school, I filled my activities with musics, outdoor activities and also volunteering. I am a member of Atlas Medical Pioneer, an outdoor based medical doctor organization since second year of my med school, where I was trained in various outdoor activities both hard and soft skills.

Soon as I finished my medical degree, I left the the city, and work with various NGOs. First, I work as medical officer in tropical forest expedition in Buton and marine based expedition in Wakatobi, South East Sulawesi. I was responsible for health and safety during research expedition where I also finished my dive course as PADI Dive Master. During the experience,  I  have the opportunities to learn about how remoteness, under-education and underdevelopment were greatly affecting the situation of population health, such as for the Bajau people living in the Wakatobi area. In between, I went to Mollucas to work with an International NGO serving conflict affected displaced population around Seram Island, as Marine Medical Doctor. Although it was a very short assignment but I did enjoy the work.

In early 2005, I lead a group of volunteers during disaster response from devastated tsunami in Aceh, then soon after that I established IBU Foundation, a non profit organization working in health, nutrition, psychosocial and disaster management. During that time also working to serve Unicef as consultant and staff in Nias island until end of 2007. Starting in 2008, I decided to work full time as social entrepreneur in developing IBU Foundation to become stronger organization up until now, while also served as public health consultant in Papua, Jakarta and Timor Leste.

Starting in Mid 2010, I started my life as a student again, I was studying in Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, where I study International Public Health and Humanitarian Assistance. The course took me to Pakistan, where I have to conduct an operational research evaluating the Malaria Situation Post 2010 Flood in South Punjab Province. In end of 2011, I finished my study and back to my country and with the organisation I established, while also initiating new social entreprise as one of the strategy in increasing financial sustainability for the organisation as well as my self.

Since early 2013, I have been dedicated my times to serve children in Vanuatu by working in the Immunisation program with one of UN Agency based in Port Vila, Vanuatu.


5 Balasan ke About Me

  1. Mbah Osso berkata:

    2 jempol!
    Smoga tetap sehat, sukses & seimbang…
    Salam kenal..

  2. Dini berkata:

    Hai Dok…salam kenal…nama saya Dini…saya baru belajar diving 1th belakangan ini…boleh saya tanya2 tentang diving dan kesehatan? Karena Dokter adalah seorang diver juga….Terima kasih sebelum nya….



  3. Dini berkata:

    Dok..sy baru melakukan operasi ganglion di jari jempol tangan…baru buka jaitan 1 hari lalu…apakah sy boleh diving pd 1 hari ke depan?..apakah bisa terjadi emboli udara pd bekas luka operasi tersebut?

    Trima kasih

    • drjack_gustiana berkata:

      mohon maaf baru bisa balas, karena seminggu kemarin tidak bisa akses internet dengan baik. kalau operasi kecil kayak ganglion sepertinya tidak beresiko besar untuk diving, tapi yang pasti akan menghambat penyembuhan luka karena basah..

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